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Meet Britten

Who is Britten? She's a reticent little beast born in the wilds of Northern Alberta to a foul-mouthed, French-Canadian father and an angry, stiff-upper-lipped mother. Britten is, almost always, wild-haired and poorly dressed. She recently left the beautiful and untamed chill of Canada for the blistering warmth of Australia. 

Her list of pastimes is short and includes reading, writing, petting cats, overeating and alphabetizing things. She's a fan of Windex on Facebook because who doesn't want a streak free shine? She dreams of one day writing a super-awesome novel that affords her and her partner a comfortable lifestyle, a large property and a few horses...or just becoming a red panda. 

When Britten isn't writing, reading, or organizing things in her home, she can be found cuddling with her boyfriend, arguing about why Rajon Rondo is the best point guard in the history of ever, browsing Gumtree for a future cat or kitten, or contemplating days gone by, the passage of time and how ridiculous it is that humans have yet to evolve enough to grow a third set of teeth.

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