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Living The Essential Life is all about a life lived in a constant state of stretching, growth & personal evolution. The Essential Life believes in life-long learning in every sphere of life, be that mentally, emotionally, spiritually or physically. We believe that, through sharing & connecting with other members of The Essential Life community, we can build upon a foundation of life long learning in an effort to achieve awakening & a greater state of enlightenment - all with the knowledge & understanding that, in all we strive to do, we are never done.

The Essential Life is perpetual, forward movement. It is continuing & persevering through challenges faced head-on, all with the knowledge that, in adversity, there is growth & growth without a stopping point, is the paradigm by which we live.

The goal of The Essential Life is to create a community where like-minded people can find one another, can learn from one another & can discover enlightenment & purpose within one another. We endeavour to build connections that elevate ourselves, our community & the world in which we live, in betterment, wellness & wellbeing. Our vision for the future is as a community grounded in goodness & positivity with an eye on living better, living sustainably, living organically & living in the light of love. 

In committing to living The Essential Life, we are committing to sharing goodness. We are committing to adding value to our own lives, the lives of our readers, our community at large & all those who we encounter each day. We believe that this is our divine purpose & in our journey through this life & whatever comes next, our calling is to fulfil this divine purpose.

It is our sincerest hope that all of the articles & stories shared on The Essential Life touch the lives & hearts of our readers. We hope that The Essential Life serves as a well of inspiration, offers a respite from the daily grind & that, like a breath of fresh air, our articles & stories sustain you through your week & through each & ever challenge you face.


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