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The Essential Life

30-Day Gratitude Challenge

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The Essential Life

30-Day Gratitude Challenge


Gratitude changes everything. When we maintain a grateful heart, all of the things we have, all of the gifts & treasures of life, become so much more than enough &, as the adage goes, enough is a feast. 

When we focus our hearts & minds on gratitude, when we truly open ourselves up to feelings of thankfulness & gratefulness, we can find completeness, contentment & fullness. 

While it is natural to be thankful for the things that we have, for our possessions, our privilege & our station in life, it can be more challenging to express gratitude for the people in our lives. While our hearts abound with love & thankfulness for our family & friends, too often, we forget to share that gratitude with the ones that we love. When we feel gratitude, yet don't express it, we're doing something akin to shopping for a present, wrapping that present, but never giving it.

In the spirit of thankfulness & gratitude, The Essential Life is challenging you to express the gratitude you hold in your heart. Our latest 30-Day Self-Improvement Challenge is all about developing a habit of gratitude by expressing it daily. Join us as we spend the next 30-days saying 'thank-you' to the gifts in our lives for whom we are truly grateful. It is our sincere hope that our 30-day gratitude challenge takes us far beyond 30-days, & that, throughout the rest of out lives, we are able to maintain a full heart & and attitude of gratitude.

To participate in The Essential Life's 30-Day Gratitude Challenge, click the link below to download the PDF. The cost to participate is $5 & the proceeds are donated to WWF for wildlife & environmental conservation.

As you work through each 30-day challenge, we encourage you to share your progress with us on Instagram. Be sure to take @TheEssentialLifeWellness in each of your Instagram posts &, if you'd like to be featured on our website, include #LivingTheEssentialLife

If you have any questions or comments about The Essential Life & our 30-day challenges, we invite you to contact us here


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