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Ingredient forest

Welcome to The Essential Life’s ingredient forest.

As part of our goal f demystifying essential oils and making them easy to use so you can the most out of every single last drop of your oils, we share information about each individual essential oil and natural ingredient from the recipes and articles found throughout our blog.

We break down some of the technical information about the distillation of the essential oil, share a bit of information about how to use the oil, some popular recipes and share our most rusted place to purchase each oil.

Within each article, you’ll also find links to recipes containing the oil so, when you add a new essential oil to your collection, The Essential Life website will make it as simple and easy as possible to ensure not a single drop of oil goes to waist.

Celebrating nature

The Essential Life Inhale

Connected people with the healing and therapeutic powers of essential oils is not just a passion here at The Essential Life, it’s our mission. For more than ten years, The Essential Life has been sharing information about essential oils in an effort to put the healing breath of Mother Nature in the palm of your hands.

Much like a forest, The Essential Life is always growing, expanding and changing along with our community. We believe that a life aligned with nature is all about expansion and evolution.

As you enter the ingredient forest with us, keep growth in mind. We will be growing more soon.

Welcome to The Essential Life’s ingredient forest.



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