The Essential Life

Meet Britten Thompson


Born in the wilds of Northern Alberta, Canada, Britten has country in her blood &, as they say in Alberta, you can take the girl out of Alberta, but you can't take Alberta out of the girl. Britten's Albertan roots are most evident in her love of country music & Steve Earle. She also has a passion for the simple things in life, loves horses &, since moving to Australia, has been over heard, on more than one occasion, talking about how much she misses winter.

In addition to her understated patriotism for Canada, her home & native land, Britten loves cats, anything vanilla scented & enjoys organising things alphabetically.

Even more than this, however, Britten is passionate about wellness & supporting others in their wellness journey, which is why she created The Essential Life. Britten's own wellness journey began when she discovered Essential Oils. It was the enticing aroma of Essential Oils that initially sparked Britten's interest, however, it was their healing power & therapeutic properties that convinced her to invest all of herself in her own wellness & the wellbeing of others.



When Britten was 19-years-old, she was attending school at the University of Winnipeg. While studying marketing, she was also heavily involved in the school's athletic programs & this was how she paid her tuition, through scholarships. University level athletics were significantly more difficult than Britten was used to & her body began showing signs of overuse. At least, that was what Britten assumed was happening, as her feet began aching & her knees left her in debilitating pain. Rather than taking it easy, however, Britten wanted to push through. She wanted to prove to herself that she "had what it takes", so, rather than rest, she worked harder. 

This continued for more than a year. The pain got so bad that Britten found herself unable to sleep at night. If she had classes in the morning, she'd usually have to skip them because the pain in her feet was so bad she couldn't get her shoes on. What was worse, the intense pain was now in her hands. As the pain worsened, she found she couldn't keep up with the physical demands of athletics anymore, & she was forced off of her team. Now 21-years-old, Britten was without her scholarship, & the pain in her feet, knees & hands had begun to manifest itself in physical deformities. Faced with unequivocal evidence that what was happening to her body was much more than the riggers of physical training, Britten finally took herself to a doctor.

While Britten's journey to diagnosis was a long & painful one which included a misdiagnosis of leukaemia, the abridged version is that rheumatoid arthritis had been ravaging her body for the last two years. Unchecked by any sort of treatment, the autoimmune disorder had done significant damage to Britten's body. Heartbroken, & feeling responsible for the destruction of her body in spite of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, Britten headed back to live with her family in Calgary, Alberta.

There, her health continued to deteriorate despite receiving aggressive treatment for the disease. Now, however, things were substantially worse. RA continued to take its toll on Britten's joints. She could no longer put her shoes on herself, squeeze toothpaste out of a tube, or dress herself in clothing with buttons or zippers. In addition, the medication she was taking to keep her arthritis in check was worsening her vision, leaving her open to sickness & upsetting her stomach to the point she couldn't eat. After a year of treatment, Britten hadn't experienced any improvement, she'd dropped down to 90 pounds, was tired all of the time & profoundly depressed. 

While having arthritis wasn't anything that Britten could so anything about, she felt that her level of fatigue & depression were something she could fight against. Always a fighter, Britten began pursuing a second University degree. She started studying communication & media studies full-time, while maintaining a full-time job at a record store & a part-time job at a book store. During this time, Britten's three closest friends move to British Columbia, Canada. It was her first time visiting them in Vancouver that she realised Vancouver was a place she wanted to be. Upon graduating from the University of Calgary in 2009, Britten packed all of her things into a pick-up truck & headed west. This was her first step on her wellness journey. 

While walking down Vancouver's West 4th Ave. Britten discovered a shop which had Ultrasonic Diffusers set up outside diffusing a blend of Essential Oils. Though working as a freelancer writer at the time, Britten was so intrigued with these great smelling oils, she decided to apply for a job at this shop. She began working at the store part-time & invested a lot of her spare time in studying & learning about Essential Oils & natural wellness. She fell so in love with Essential Oils, that she put herself through Aromatherapy training & became a certified Aromatherapist in addition to her University degrees in marketing & communications. 

Through her study of Aromatherapy & Essential Oils, Britten learned to manage her arthritis naturally. Using a combination of Lavender, Cypress & Ginger Root Essential Oils, Britten was able to stop inflammation & put an end to pain. The affects of this were so profound, she couldn't stop telling everyone & anyone about the affect Essential Oils had on her body. Now, five years later, Britten is still telling everyone about the astounding benefits of Essential Oils & natural wellness. Here's the full story regarding the Essential Oils Britten uses to manage her arthritis

It is her own first-person experience with Essential Oils & her desire to share her story, that lead Britten to creating The Essential Life. At the time, she wanted to create a community founded in Essential Oils, with wellness at its core. Since its inception, however, The Essential Life has grown into so much more & has begun to mean so many different things to so many different people. As more & more readers began to share their personal experiences with Essential Oils & their own wellness journeys, Britten wanted to give them a platform to share & an opportunity to connect with others, from all of the world, who could relate & offer support. While this is largely what The Essential Life has become, Britten & The Essential Life are far from finished. For The Essential Life, the sky is the limit, & we're going to keep going until we get there.