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Meet Britten

Britten fell in love with essential oils at a very young age. Her love of these powerfully therapeutic oils lead her to open her own essential oil kiosk in Vancouver’s Metrotown Mall.

While working in Metrotown Mall, Britten began to realise people had a geat deal of difficulty finding reliable inforamtion about using essential oils and that people expected to pay a premium price to gain access to the healing beenefits of essential oils. It was these two discoveries which lead to the birth of The Essential Life.

Britten created The Essential Life to help essential oil users get the most our of every last drop of their essential oils by sharing information about oils while sparking a conversation where The Essential Life community supports one another in learning new all there is to know about essential oils. The vision behind The Essential Life is also to bring healing essential oils to the people. No longer should you pay exorbitant amounts of money for Mother Nature’s healing.

About Britten

Britten is a Canadian native and recent transplant to Australia where she has settled down in Newcastle with her partner, Sean.

A mother to two cats (Ashlynn and Alaksa) and two dogs (Justin and Sohpie), Britten spend a lot of time cuddling on the couch with her kitties and a good book, or trekking through the Australian wilderness with Justin and Sophie.

If you would like to get in touch with Britten about anything essential oil related, or just to have a chat, please contact her here.


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