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Love & Relationships

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Love & Relationships

The Essential Life was founded on the principle of continuous learning. We believe that a full life is one that is spent on a continuous journey toward betterment, self-improvement & personal-evolution. A large part of this journey of life-long learning is the relationships we find ourselves in, both romantic & non-romantic.

Those we surround ourselves with, those we invest our love in, those we hold near & dear - they all shape us in so many ways. The people we surround ourselves with & the relationships we form with those people, have a tremendous influence on the decisions we make on a small & large scale. The people we form bonds with are the ones with whom we share our moments of joy & our moments of sorrow. They are the ones whose shoulders we cry on & who we lend our shoulders to in times of tears & tumult. With the important role that relationships play in our lives, it is necessary to enjoy the connection with another person in the present & to cherish & honour the passing of a relationship by learning from it. To do anything less would be to dishonour the important role those we love & hold dear play in our lives.

At The Essential Life, we believe there is a great deal of wisdom to be gained from the relationships we form. We believe relationships are akin to divinity & that each person who walks into your life is there for a reason. Either you have something to teach that person, or they have an important lesson to imprint upon your life. In even the most sorrowful situations, the ending of a relationship, or the passing of a loved one, there is value to be gleaned from the aftermath.

The Essential Life believes in the sharing of wisdom to the betterment of our community. It is in the spirit of sharing that we would like to invite you to share your relationship experiences. If you have a story to share, please submit your story here

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