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Connecting you with the healing power of essential oils is the purpose and mission behind The Essential Life. It is our goal to help you along your essential oil journey so that you always get the most out of every last drop of your essential oils.

To do this, we share information about using essential oils. This includes a sharing a tonne of recipes which include step-by-step instructions that are easy to follow along with.

The Essential Life is about more than just sharing. We’re here to facilitate and spark discussion and the growth of a holistic wellness community where you’re connected with nature as well as one another.

If you have a recipe to share, we invite you to submit it to us here (all recipes shared will be attributed to the author). You can also join our living the essential life group on Facebook group to participate in conversations, share information and learn, explore and experience essential oils and natural wellness along with a vibrant community.

The Essential Life also maintains a Pinterest community where all are welcome to share pins to group boards around a number of topics important to living a life strongly aligned with nature.

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