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Here at The Essential Life, we are passionate about all of the things we write about & share with you & all of the members of The Essential Life community. We feel very strongly that sharing ideas about Essential Oils, living better, the importance of equality & information of living mindfully will help The Essential Life community live a fuller & happier life. 

While sharing & support are things that we are passionate about, what matters even more to us than all of that is YOU. Each & every member of The Essential Life community is of paramount importance to us & supporting YOU is the driving purpose behind The Essential Life & everything we do & everything we have ever done. We can't think of a better way to serve The Essential Life community than to listen to YOU & to truly hear YOU out. 

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Every single time YOU take the time to contact The Essential Life, YOUR message will be read & responded to by a member of The Essential Life team. While we receive a large number of emails & messages each day, it is important to us to truly listen to YOU & to work to make The Essential Life & The Essential Life community into an environment that serves YOU before it serves any other purpose. To this end, we want to be as accessible & transparent as possible so that YOU can feel confident that YOU are a member of a burgeoning community with YOUR best interest at heart.

If YOU have any questions or comments, or even if YOU just want to say 'hi', please fill out the contact form above. We will work to get back to YOU as soon as possible. Please understand that we do receive a huge number of messages each day & while we endeavour to answer each message the same day it is received, sometimes it does take up to 48 hours for us to get back to YOU. Rest assured, however, we will get back to YOU as soon as we are able.

Thank-YOU so much for taking the time to reach out to us. We truly appreciate YOU taking the time to contact us.



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