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Welcome! We feel immense gratitude that you've decided to join us here in our little corner of the online universe. 

To us, living The Essential Life is all about living a life of perpetual motion underpinned by constant change, growth, challenge & personal evolution. We believe that life is a journey that is all about moments - the moment when you meet someone new; the moment you decided it was time for a change; the moment you lost a loved one; the moment you welcomed your first child into the world - life's moments all carry significance & The Essential Life is here to provide a platform to celebrate & pay tribute to each & every single moment. 

We believe that no moment is too big or too small to be profound & impactful. That is why we have created a community built on sharing, where we come together to honour life's moments & to commemorate the mark that each momentous life event has left on our hearts, our minds, our souls & our bodies. Our vision is to support one another through the telling of our stories & the recounting of our personal journeys. The Essential Life endeavours to facilitate the growth of a collective of like-minded people who understand that all that is human is mentionable, all that is mentionable is manageable & that in sharing our stories, both the positive & the negative, we we elevate ourselves, members of our community & the world around us. 

In the spirit of community, we invite you to share your story, your words, your wisdom & your truth with the Essential Life. If you would like to add your voice to The Essential Life community, please submit your articles here

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