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Our goal is to create a space where positivity abounds in the midst of the tumultuous & uncertain times in which we find ourselves. Our vision for The Essential Life is to be an unending well of inspiration, motivation, & lust for life. We want to be an oasis of positivity, from which our readers can draw from one another, the hope necessary to sustain their hearts, minds & spirits in the moments when they find themselves tapped out or running dry. 


The Essential Life

what living the essential life is all about


Living The Essential Life is all about finding inspiration, motivation & hope in the world around us &, more importantly, in the people around us. By connecting with a community of like-minded people, we are able to form positive relationships in which we can support one another & draw strength & inspiration from our own community.

Here at The Essential Life, we are committed to facilitating the growth of a community built on connectivity, support, strength & hope. We endeavour to be a well of inspiration from which we can all draw the strength necessary to sustain ourselves no matter what life throws at us. When you feel as though life is pulling at you & you need a pick-me-up for your mind, body & spirit, we invite you to fill up your cup with the Inspo Well.


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Equality& acceptance are among the core tenants of The Essential Life. It is our goal to foster connectivity through the sharing of the stories of marginalised individuals.

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Essential Oils are where The Essential Life began. It is our goal to share information on these healing oils in order to make using Essential Oils easier & more accessible.

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Inspo Well

Here at The Essential Life, we want to be your source of inspiration & motivation. The Inspo Well is a place where you can fill up your cup with inspiring stories.

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Living Naturally

Mother Nature has provided all of the resources we need to live a life of abundance. It is our goal to share the first-person experience of living a life close to nature & advice for living naturally.

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Love & Relationships

Our relationships & the people we love have the most profound impact on our lives & influence us greatly. Here, we share how these relationships have influenced & changed us.

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Mindfulness & Meditation

Mindfulness & Meditation allow us all to live a life of contentment & shows us that we have more than enough to thrive. By sharing the power of Mindfulness, we hope to help you live better.

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Parenting & Family

Being a parent is the most important job we will ever have in life. It comes with great responsibility. Here, we support one another & share our experiences as a parent.

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Wellness & Wellbeing

We are all so much more than just our bodies & sustaining ourselves means nurturing more than just our health. Here we focus on mental health, self care, wellness & wellbeing.

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Wisdom & Philosophy

A large part of the connectivity which binds The Essential Life community together is the sharing of our wisdom & unique truth. Here, The Essential Life community tackles the big questions of life.

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The practice of Yoga & maintaining a Yoga lifestyle is intrinsic to The Essential Life community. Yoga is more than fitness, it is a way to sustain ourselves & to nurture our hearts, minds & spirits.

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Your Stories

You are what The Essential Life is all about & with Your Stories, we want to celebrate every single member of The Essential Life community. Here, we invite you to share your unique story & your unique truth.

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Write for The Essential Life

We invite all of our readers to make their mark on The Essential Life by becoming a contributor. If you would like to share your story & your truth with our 30,000 monthly readers, submit your articles here.

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We are challenging members of The Essential Life community to take care of their mental health by practicing 30 days of self care.

Take the challenge & share your experience with us on Instagram for your chance to be featured on The Essential Life website. 


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Collaboration, connectedness & support are at the very core of The Essential Life community. It is our firm belief that, through sharing our stories & our unique truths, we create a connection with those around us. 

Everyone has a story to share, & for every story shared, there is someone out there who needs to receive the message of that story. That is why we invite each & every  one of our readers to make their mark on The Essential Life by becoming a guest blogger & contributor. We would like to invite you to share your story, your words & your wisdom by becoming a part of The Essential Life community. If you would like to see your articles featured here on The Essential Life, where it will touch the hearts of all of our readers, please submit your articles here


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